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Sites can be loaded using a proxy service to avoid their IP blocking of law enforcement and registrar IP addresses. These may serve other fraud sites at other times, or from other geographies. But any site served is still an illegal fraud pharmacy.

AWAITING ACTION[edit | edit source]

Tested and verified from an unblocked proxy on February 5 2020 Any name servers shown here are dedicated solely to resolving access to Eva Pharmacy frauds. Our research shows that these typically run on hijacked servers, with the exception of the Malaysian Travel fraud.

Canadian Health&Care Mall[edit | edit source]

CanadianPharmacy[edit | edit source]



Name servers[edit | edit source]

These domains were used solely to resolve access to fraud pharmacies (pre-2019) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (Not resolving) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold)

CANADA-PHARMACY[edit | edit source] (ClientHold) (ClientHold)

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy[edit | edit source] (ClientHold) (Expired)

Canadian Family Pharmacy[edit | edit source] (Expired)

Canadian Health&Care Mall[edit | edit source] (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold)

Canadian_Pharmacy_2001[edit | edit source] (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold)

CanadianPharmacy[edit | edit source] (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold)

My Canadian Pharmacy[edit | edit source] (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold) (ClientHold)

RxExpressOnline[edit | edit source] (ClientHold) (Expired) (Expired) (Expired) (Expired) (Expired) (Expired) (Expired) (Expired) (Expired) (Expired)

RxMedications[edit | edit source] (Expired)

Toronto Drugstore[edit | edit source] (Expired) (Expired)

US Drugs[edit | edit source] (ClientHold) (ClientHold)

Where to send abuse complaints[edit | edit source]

To submit a report of illegal activity related to a domain name or abuse, please contact

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