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Description of the Registrar[]

Openprovider is a trading name of Hosting Concepts B.V.

Arno Vis, CEO of Openprovider

Openprovider is one of the leading wholesale Internet Service Providers. It offers in a single completely automated system the following multiple Internet products: more than 400 ccTLDs, more than 600 gTLDs including all new gTLDs, DNS management, a large range of SSL certificates, Plesk and Virtuozzo licenses, spam filters and more. Our self-service control panel and API allow our customers to manage their products 24/7 by a clear and simple method. Openprovider has an international and professional team that focus on helping our customers to save money and time by providing quality services and products.

Anti-Crime Position[]

Official Position[]

Contact support

A complaint about a domain name

If you have a complaint about a domain registered through Openprovider, please contact the domain holder or administrative contact first. You can find these contact details in the domain’s whois data. If your complaint is not followed up, you can contact us. Within two days, you will receive our answer on your e-mail. Please refer to our Knowledge Base for more information about how Openprovider deals with complaints.


Actual Behavior[]

Some action has been taken on complaints of sponsoring illegal domains in May 2018. But this is a typical response:

We have informed the resellers about your complaint and he will investigate this issue.

Please, be aware that we, as a domain-only provider and not providing any content, hosting or e-mail services, are not in a position to judge the content of a website. For that reason, our normal procedure is that we inform our reseller and the domain holder, but will not suspend the domain names without an official WIPO decision or court order.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that our reseller will respond to the complainant.

Sample illegal domains[]

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These were alive when last tested on February 1 2021

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Kipstraat 3c
3011RR Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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Support Number:+31 (0)10 4482299
Fax: +31 (0)10 2440250

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Openprovider is a trading name of Hosting Concepts B.V.

Arno Vis is the CEO of Openprovider.

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