NameSilo is a registrar in Phoenix, Arizona.

Description of the RegistrarEdit

Chris McMurry

Chris McMurry

Michael Goldfarb

Michael Goldfarb


Michael McCallister and Michael Goldfarb in 2009. launched in October 2010 in Phoenix with the goal of providing low-cost website purchases.

Goldfarb is a successful entrepreneur who in 2009 sold his web design firm, Contact Designs, to Chris McMurry. McMurry (, owns one of the largest content marketing firms in the United States.

Contact Designs co-owners Michael Goldfarb and Michael McCallister serve as senior vice presidents of online services, managing the interactive business unit. The CEO of Contact Designs is Chris McMurry.

About Us

We created NameSilo with the goal of offering a new type of registrar that appeals to people looking for a simpler, cheaper and better alternative to the companies already in the industry. As people with domain portfolios of our own, and having used many registrars ourselves, we believed that there was enough room for improvement to throw our hat into the ring.

Our Approach

Our fundamental approach is to offer domains and domain-related management for the cheapest prices possible, while not sacrificing quality, customer support or ease-of-use. We maintain an unwavering focus on domains and do not venture out into other verticals such as hosting, email support, web design, search engine marketing, or any other services that could impact our ability to offer the cheapest prices on the Internet.

Company Officers

Michael Goldfarb, Managing Member
Michael McCallister, Managing Member
Chris McMurry, Managing Member

Anti-Spam PositionEdit

Official PositionEdit

From the Terms and Conditions, section 3. b. ii.

You represent and warrant that the statements in your application are true and that no Services are being procured for any unlawful purpose, including but not limited to the infringement of any intellectual property right, the unauthorized transfer to yourself or any other party of any domain name or Services, or the violation of any laws, rules, or regulations (the"Illegal Uses").

From section 4. c. vi.

We reserve the right in our sole judgment to suspend, terminate and/or disclose your personal information in the event that any of the following occur:

a. Any provision of this Agreement is breached

From An interview with Michael Goldfarb

One of the other big ones is just the sheer volume of potential fraudulent – I shouldn’t say fraudulent, but misuse of domains. People trying to distribute malware. Using them for spam. I mean, so on and so forth. It’s a lot and that’s something we don’t actively monitor as registrations and transfer come in, but as a discount domain provider offering free WhoIS privacy, we’ve definitely been targeted by people using domains for nefarious purposes. So, creating system to keep that at bay. We’ve tried to take a pretty harsh stance that, if somebody has a number of trademark and copyright violations for obvious infringements, we make them leave. And this is one of the things, again, that I’d like to draw a distinction between ourselves and most other registrars is that we don’t welcome these people with open arms. Again, it’s a fine line because we won’t (sic) to advocate for our customers. We don’t want to be overly aggressive, and we’re not, but if there’s a repeated offense, I don’t care if this person spent registering a hundred domains a day to support their spam network. We will either shut the domains down, or, in most cases, we will tell them, ‘you have thirty days to move to a different registrar’

From the Namesilo Abuse Reporting Procedures

Finally, please note that if the domain registrant fails to get back to us regarding the alleged Terms violation notification, we take that very seriously. Our Terms specifically require the registrant to get back to us regarding these matters in a timely manner and failure to do so can result in domain suspension. We use all forms of available contact information to contact the registrant and their failure to respond typically results in either revealing the contact information they have provided or domain suspension.

Actual BehaviorEdit

Acts to remove illegal sites.

Registrar responsivenessEdit

Showing all registrars including R01.RU LiveSite2014

Showing all registrars excluding R01.RU LiveMinors

Piechart showing the crime sponsoring contribution by each registrar.


The comparison between this registrar and others can be seen on the graphs.

It shows how many domains have not been suspended by various registrars over the past year. The higher the column, the more domains are sponsored by the registrar.

Currently the most abused registrar is Russia's This registrar sponsors the vast majority (often over 60%) of the fraud domains used within the Eva Pharmacy group.

The second most abused registrar is Russia's REG.RU REG.RU at over 25%

The next most abused registrar is GKG GKG at 4%.

The next most abused registrar is The Netherlands' Hosting Concepts aka OpenProvider at 3%.

These are followed by Russia's ARDIS, India's PublicDomainRegistry PDR, China's CNOBIN, Canada's Tucows, and Pakistan's PakNIC.

Outside of Russia, most registrars have been quick to terminate the service contracts with these cyber-criminals upon seeing the obvious evidence of fraud.

Sample illegal domainsEdit

These domains listed below are all part of the pharmacy fraud network centered in Russia, known as EvaPharmacy. They were all live at September 27, 2016. They were all suspended at September 29, 2016

See also NameSilo_list

Canadian Health&Care MallEdit (suspended) (suspended) (suspended)

Canadian Neighbor PharmacyEdit (suspended)

CanadianPharmacyEdit (suspended) (suspended)

My Canadian PharmacyEdit (suspended) (suspended)

RxExpressOnlineEdit (suspended) (suspended)

Suspended DomainsEdit

Canadian Health&Care MallEdit (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended)

Canadian Neighbor PharmacyEdit (suspended) (suspended) (suspended)

My Canadian PharmacyEdit

healingdrugshop.comm (suspended)
luckymedicaltrade.comm (suspended)
mymedicativeassist.comm (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended)

RxExpressOnlineEdit (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended)

RxMedicationsEdit (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended) (suspended)

Common IP addressesEdit

A quick way to verify these sites is to examine the hosting addresses. Many compromised hosts used for this operation during January 2019 were located at these IPs.

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Recent High use IP addresses from October 2018


Where to send abuse complaintsEdit but domain names would need to be obfuscated

Additional Contact InformationEdit

Postal addressEdit

1010 E. Missouri Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85014

Registration InformationEdit

Telephone and FAXEdit

Phone Support: We can be reached during normal business hours at 602-492-8198.

Related informationEdit

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