LogicBoxes fraud domains[edit | edit source]

These domains are part of the EvaPharmacy fraud run from Russia.

Suspended by the Registrar

Canadian Health&Care Mall[edit | edit source]

onlineherbsprogram.com (suspended)
excellentpharmgroup.com (suspended)
fsgjaoni.com (suspended)
medicalherbquality.com (suspended)
medicinalcareinc.com (suspended)
perfectcuringmarket.com (suspended)
theherbalelement.com (suspended)
vpvtioqa.com (suspended)

CanadianPharmacy[edit | edit source]

generichotoutlet.com (suspended)
hotmedicativeshop.com (suspended)

International Legal RX[edit | edit source]

thepharmacyshoponline.com (suspended)

Men's Health[edit | edit source]

medicatingsafedeal.com (suspended)
myhealingservice.com (suspended)
healingfirstprogram.com (suspended)
biologicalrxprogram.com (suspended)
funeralhomewelnessmall.com (suspended)
thehealthdeal.com (suspended)
theorganicinc.com (suspended)

My Canadian Pharmacy[edit | edit source]

elynkonstanze.com (suspended)

Toronto Drugstore[edit | edit source]

dealsandalliances.com (suspended)
fastrxassist.com (suspended)
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