Cloud Group Ltd is a registrar in the UK as part of the UK2 Group, a global group of web hosting brands. With offices in London and Utah the UK2 Group employs over 200 staff and supplies around a million customers worldwide. The UK2 Group utilizes a domain accreditation provided by a partner, Cloud Group Limited.

Anti-Spam Position[edit | edit source]

Cloud Group through acts quickly and decisively to terminate contracts for domain names that are shown to be used for fraud or unlawful purposes. The acceptable use agreement makes it clear that spamming and illegal activities are not tolerated.

Official Position[edit | edit source]

The UK2 Group license agreement is at

17. Severability

In the event that any of the terms of this Registration Agreement become
or are declared to be illegal or otherwise unenforceable by any court
of competent jurisdiction, such term(s) shall be null and void and shall
be deemed deleted from this Registration Agreement. All remaining terms
of this Registration Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

The Acceptable Use Agreement at states

By using our services you agree not to, or to allow your customers
to do any of the following:
1. Transmitting unsolicited bulk email (spam)
2. Taking part in any activity which results in abuse reports to spam
   blocking organizations, or other organizations which attempt to
   police or monitor abuse of the Internet
8. Any illegal, dishonest, deceptive or unfair trade practices

Actual Behavior[edit | edit source]

Under UK2 Group, provides domain registration and domain management services. They act quickly and decisively to remove illegal sites. Providing evidence speeds the process.

They also acts as a central point of contact for their reseller registrars.

Blacklisted domains over a 5-day period[edit | edit source]

Source: URIBL

Description of the Registrar[edit | edit source]

Service contracts are terminated by in a timely fashion.

Where to send abuse complaints[edit | edit source]

All Cloud Group Limited domains are registered via their domain reseller brand, and all domain name support inquiries should be addressed to the support team. (

Web page for reporting abuse:

Additional Contact Information[edit | edit source]

Postal address[edit | edit source]
   517 W. 100 N.
   Suite #225
   Providence, Utah 84332

Registration Information[edit | edit source]

Telephone and FAX[edit | edit source] Phone Number 1-877-826-6890

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