Canadian Drugstore comes from the same offenders as Online_Pharmacy

The web site looks like this screenshot. Click to enlarge it.

Canadian Drugstore, March 2018

The Help Line phone numbers shown are

US Toll Free: +1-800-715-5341
Europe: +44-203-318-5981

If you call either of those numbers, a recorded message directs you to the web site contact form, without mentioning the web site by name.

Title lines has title "Buy Viagra online at" has title "Buy Viagra online at"

Note that this is the same format (Buy Viagra online at {domain name}) as is used by Canadian_Pharmacy_Shop and European_Pharmacy_Shop.

Fake Credentials

Fake certificates

Across the bottom of the web page, they display images that for a genuine pharmacy would allow you to click through to view the certificate. But because this is a fraud, just the image is displayed.

"CPA Approved" links nowhere, and is not defined.

They have no certification with the "Canadian International Pharmacy" (CIPA Rx). The CIPA Rx web site at lists the 66 approved pharmacies. CIPA Rx allows you to view the approved list at One site on that list, called, has both a genuine CIPA approval and a Pharmacy Checker approval. Certificate images on that site correctly click through to the certifier's web site. But that is not one of the Canadian Drugstore sites.

Similarly, there is no certification with the "Manitoba International Pharmacists Association" (WWW.MIPA.CA). They can be contacted at

103 - 1780 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3H 1B3
Phone: +1 (204) 800-2089


The checkout page is sponsored by registrar: GKG.Net, Inc. Its security certificate is issued by COMODO RSA.

This same checkout is used by another fraud family - Online Pharmacy

Sponsoring Registrars

GKG.Net, Inc. (suspended)

Hosting Concepts

PakNIC (Private) Limited (suspended)

JSC Registrar R01 (suspended)

Related spam operations


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