Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology Ltd. is a registrar in People's Republic of China.

Anti-Spam PositionEdit

They're known for scams!

Actual BehaviorEdit

Since December 2007 this registrar has been actively suspending spammed domains.

Sample illegal domainsEdit

These are all luxury goods sites that infringe copyrights and trademarks.

UggEdit (seized) (seized)

Oakley Online StoreEdit  (seized) (seized) (seized) (seized) (seized) (seized) (seized) (seized)

Louis VuittonEdit (gone) (suspended)

RaybanEdit (suspended) (suspended) (seized) (seized) (seized) (seized) (seized)



CoachEdit (seized)

Canada GooseEdit  (dead) (seized)

Description of the RegistrarEdit

Where to send abuse complaintsEdit


Online ticket submission

Additional Contact InformationEdit

Postal addressEdit

Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology Ltd. dba
20/F, Block A, SP Tower, Tsinghua Science Park Building 8
No.1 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District
Beijing 100084

Registration InformationEdit

Domain Name Business: 
E-mail business: 
Host business: 
Cloud hosting business: 

Telephone and FAXEdit

phone: +86-10-82151122
fax: 010-82151122-8129

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